40 Top Smart Hairstyles For Your European Holiday

top hairstyles for men

Shoulder Length Hairstyle

mens shoulder length hairstyle

You can try with shoulder length hairstyle as it looks super elegant and cool. Shoulder length hair is very easy to maintain. With this, you can try out different looks with the same hair by making them wavy or curly or just by simply keeping it straight. What is important in this hairstyle is the length, the hair length must suits your face shape and make you look presentable. If you are a student, you can try the wavy look while professionals can choose the straight look.

Undercut Fade Hairstyle

undercut fade haircuts for men

Undercut hairstyles when paired with side shaves are extremely attractive on men. In this style, you shave the hair lightly from the hairline and leave the top a bit long to bring a dramatic contrast in the hairline. You can pair this hairstyle with other styles of your choice.

Hairstyle with Highlights

hairstyle with highlights for cool men

top mens hairstyle with highlights

Hair Color is not the exclusive realm of women and there are many great hair highlighting looks on guys that can help any man discover a new style. Most men,when they first start to consider a Color service, are more comfortable with subtle styles, such as light blonde frost highlights in medium brown hair. These type of highlights help define layers and give any style some edgy appeal without being too obvious.


mens bun with beard hairstyle

mens bun with tiny beard

It was presumed that a man with long hair was not entirely successful. But now things have changed. Enter the man BUN! This new hairstyle is challenging stereotypes everywhere, with more and more men growing out some luscious locks in order to rock the man Bun. The man bun is when hair is pulled back from the forehead and tied up just in the center of your head and there can be some hair left out if that is what you desire. The man bun is proving to be so popular that there have been tons of videos made just to explain to men everywhere how to execute the look.