40 Top Smart Hairstyles For Your European Holiday

top hairstyles for men

Long Layered Back Hairstyle

mens long layered back hairstyle

mens long layered back haircuts

This kind of hairstyle is cool, gorgeous and extremely eye catching. It is a neat style and attractive at the same time. The length of the hair in this style is very important because it helps in giving height to the head. It is very good for men with thick hair but it can be worn on hair with medium length. Hair gels are used in fixing the top part and the sides.

Short Wavy Casual

mens short wavy casual haircuts

short wavy casual hairstyles

This is a very easy to style hairstyle that takes about ten minutes. It’s cropped short at the back and above the ears with a hair cutting machine to give it a very nice finish. It’s usually left a bit long at the top so that it can easily be swept back for shaping and styling. To style this look you will need a little hair wax for a perfect finish.

Short Spiky Hairstyle

short spiky Hairstyles for men

mens short spiky haircuts

Short spiky hairstyles actually make men look much younger than their age. If you are looking for a hairstyle that will flatter your age, then this is it. It is ideal for men with thin hair because it makes the head appear much Fuller. Anyone can rock this style regardless of their age but it is most popular with young office going people and college students.