12 Skin Care Tips For Men In Winter

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Moisturise Your Lips

There are few things which are very irritating and painful in winters like the dry and cracked lips. The skin on your lips is super sensitive. If it gets damaged, it takes longer to repair especially when the elements are tough,as they can be in winter. According to me you should go for a lip balm that contains SPF,your lips will stay soft and be protected from the winter sun.

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Look After Your Beard

It is important how to look after your beard this winter. Make things simple by doing a two step process.

1) Use beard shampoo when you take shower,this will clean the beard hair completely and keeps it healthy.

2) Use a beard or any hair oil after washing. Beard oil help to reduce beard dandruff and also moisturise the beard hairs and skin below.

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Shave Carefully

During winter,when the temperature drops, shaving can become a painful task. If you prefer a close shave, there are some tips you should follow during the winter to help keep your skin it’s best. The best time to shave is immediately following a hot shower,as this helps open your pores prior to shaving. If this is not an option, you can also apply a hot washcloth to your face for a few minutes prior to shaving to help open pores. Use a winter shaving cream that helps prevent nicks and cuts and will moisturize your skin and reduce any irritation caused by shaving.

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Eye Protection

The skin around your eyes is one of those areas that has a huge effect on whether we look healthy and refreshed or tired and run down. In winter, there are more chances of dark circles appearing so it is important thinking about taking extra bit of care.keep your eyes moist don’t sit near or very close to a heater because it can cause dryness and irritation of the eye.

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Hand Care

Hands are one of the most delicate parts of our body. The skin of hands is more sensitive than other body parts, so they have tendency to become dry and lifeless quickly. Soft and beautiful hands adds the charm in an individual’s personality. Use a hand cream to moisturise your hand skin. Hand cream is a must for those who wash their hands often or work outdoors.

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Hot Water

In winter don’t take too much shower in hot water because it affects the outer layer of the skin and damages it.

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Proper maintenance and skin care is important at all times, though winter skin care presents its own unique set of challenges. Just a few minor changes to your daily routine can help you keep your skin hydrated and help you avoid discomfort or irritation from dry winter skin. Some cannot bear the cold,dry and snowy weather of winter. Mainly cracks on lips and foot are very much prominent and are usually infected in winter. By using the above tricks and tips you can save your beautiful skin. Next time when the winter season comes you should be the lucky person as you are able to take a good care of your skin in this chilling weather.