40 Rocking Fade Hairstyle for Men To Try This Year

rocking fade hairstyle

Boosie Fade

cool mens boosie fade hairstyles

This hairstyle is probably the most popular hairstyle in the town, especially in the African American people. It is a blend from bald to light to dark. It can be placed in the back of the head or on the top of the head, which is called a” Boosie fade”.

Mohawk Fade
coolest mens mohawk fade hairstyles

awesome mens mohawk fade hairstyles

The Mohawk is a hairstyle in which, most common variety, both sides of the head are shaved, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair in the center.

Undercut Fade
perfect mens undercut fade hairstyles

dashing mens undercut fade hairstyles

Undercut to be more specific, the one haircut and men hairstyle that’s been going on for quite some time, since 1940’s dapper looks. The undercut is for those people who want long hair as well as shaved also. It is shaved on the sides and long in the front hairstyle.

Pompadour Fade
classy mens Pompadour fade hairstyles

top mens Pompadour fade hairstyles

Pompadour refers to a hairstyle which is named for Madame de Pompadour mistress of king Louis XV. The basic concept is hair swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead and shave light around the sides.

Curly Afro Fade
top mens curly afro fade hairstyles

sharp mens curly afro fade hairstyles

Curly headed guys can still get a great style with a fade that allows the top of your hair to express itself through texture.

Fade 360 Waves
mens fade 360 waves hairstyles

dashing mens fade 360 waves haircuts

Pair your low top fade with 360 waves and enjoy the look of thicker facial hair to show off the contrast of textures. This hairstyle brings attention downward, but it’s still clean-cut and classy enough for the office.

These men fade hairstyles are the most appropriate options for those who seek for a tidy and neat style on the head. This hairstyle will make you ready to go in any occasion. No need for much preparation in this kind of hair it will transform you into a gorgeous guy with high and straight hair. There are certainly plenty of ways to go about the Fade! According to different top hairstylist fade haircut edges length must be based on 1 cm and top side hair must be based on 1-5 cm length but this is up to you adopt any hair length for top and back haircut, but one thing is very important for fade hairstyle that is your fade hairstyle will give flirting look so do not ignore fade hairstyle for making standard.