40 Rocking Fade Hairstyle for Men To Try This Year

rocking fade hairstyle

Mid Fade

smart mens mid fade hairstyles

dashing mens mid fade hairstyles

This cut was originally used in the military but eventually made its way into the popular mainstream culture. For this look “mind” refers to the fact that the back and sides are shaved very close to the skin. It may sound complicated, but the steps are fairly straightforward and easy to do.

Low Fade
classy mens low fade hairstyles

top mens low fade hairstyles

The hair for a low fade hairstyle usually disappears halfway through the sides and back of the head and about an inch before the natural hairline of the sides and back of the head, the actual line of fading is up to the preference of the male getting the haircut.

Taper Fade
mens taper fade hairstyles

taper fade haircuts

The taper fade is one of the hottest shaved hairstyles of the year for every guy. It’s a version of the undercut that transition hair from short to skin instead of the usual disconnect hairstyle. The style can be worn high or low, with a beard or at the back of the neck and looks great with shaved parts and hair designs.

Top Fade
stylish mens top fade hairstyles

amazing mens top fade hairstyles

The top fade is mainly a relic of the 1980’s and 1990’s. It consists of a high fade hairstyle with much more hair on the top of the head. Some prefer the hair on the top of the head be fluffed in order to make it stand up straight. In the 1990’s it was trendy to have very tall hair combined with a fade haircut. This style is particularly popular with men who have curly hair.

The Generic Fade
amazing mens generic fade hairstyles

best mens generic fade hairstyles

The generic fade haircut is poorly defined, although it is also the same thing as a tapered hairstyle. For the most part, a generic fade results in the hair fading at a rate generic fade does not even end with a shaved hairline.