40 Rocking Fade Hairstyle for Men To Try This Year

rocking fade hairstyle

High Fade
best mens high fade hairstyles

cool mens high fade hairstyles

A high fade hairstyle has the hair disappearing anywhere within a two-inch-high area below the top of the hair, hence the adjective “High” before the”fade” term.

Scissor Fade
awesome mens scissor fade hairstyles

This is a fade cut that is performed only with scissors. This cut requires a higher level of expertise than a clipper fade and is perfect for people who want a longer fade style.

Classic Fade
mens classic fade hairstyles

mens classic fade haircuts

In the classic fade hairstyle, the hair is tapered to the skin at the perimeter hairline and increases to approximately 1/2 inch length at the parietal ridge. The hair is most likely styled damp with a wax-based product for extra-firm hold and malleability.