INTERVIEW: Don’t Freak Out! – How to Control Your Hair Loss

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Dr.Klenk is very famous and widely known in the scientific community of Europe for the discovery of caffeine as an effective substance against hair loss. As a man who is hurt from a bit of a shrinking hairline myself, l was thrilled to sit down with him to hear what he had to say on the prime way to hold on my flowing locks.

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You’ve done a lot of research around the positive effects of caffeine to help stop men’s hair loss. The daily morning coffee of our readers will help them in a great way in saving their locks?

Unfortunately no – you’d need to drink at least 50 cups of coffee a day to get the required concentration of caffeine to treat hair loss and this is not recommended!

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You need a high concentrate of caffeine which is applied directly to hair through hair care products.

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What are the other ways can men boost the levels of caffeine reaching their hair?

This method consists of applying a serum or a shampoo directly to the scalp. Simply rubbing coffee into your scalp will not work, the same goes for drinking coffee, as the caffeine distributes systemically across the whole body ( not just the scalp).

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Do you have any particular products you could endorse?

This Alpecin Liquid, Alpecin Caffeine shampoo C1 and Alpecin Double-Effect shampoo (if one suffers from dandruff too).

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What should people know before they think about taking Finasteride or trying Minoxidil treatment?

Firstly, both of them are drugs which can have unwanted side effects. Men should first consult their doctor for additional advice to investigate and look for the number of the risks vs benefits.

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So it sounds like it’s attainable to save or slow the loss of hair from the top of your head (the crown area). What can be done about shrinking hairline?

Hair thinning is a continuous process, it begins because of the negative effects of testosterone has on hair roots. Increase of hair loss points to the beginning of weariness of the hair roots. But when the hair root is worn out the hair will start to thin.

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A shrinking hair line indicates upcoming baldness (or thinning). Among men this is a very common pattern – shrinking hair lines and thinning at the temples. It continues in the crown area and finally ends with a complete bald upper head. However male pattern hair loss is never seen in the neck or along the ears.

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As the people who drink coffee daily will know, caffeine is an energy booster. And by topical application of caffeine has a similar effect on hair roots – it is an energy supply to the hair root. Therefore specially developed caffeine cosmetics such as a leave in treatment (liquid formula) or a rinse off treatment (shampoo) are options.